What if Every Product in Your Home Felt Good?

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The morning sun is shining through the warehouse windows this morning. Everything feels more illuminated than I imagine it should on a late October morning. The soft hum of people talking throughout the OE warehouse hits me and I find myself smiling. There is a bustle this morning that feels good. Products coming in. Boxes going out. 

Right behind me are rows of Organic Erotic products. Someone recently asked me what makes a product “Organic Erotic ready”. The simple answer is the products have life to them. We have an OE Product Ethos written. It includes things like….gentle in manufacturing, nourishing to the senses, created through deliberate processes, etc. Yet as I sit here next to the products it is more than a checklist of items that makes an Organic Erotic product. 

The whole aim of OE is to create a home that feels good. In order to do this, we must first empty what no longer feels good. Then the question becomes….what do I fill it with? All things in our space can have an intention. In my bedroom I have two of our OE cement mushrooms. Beyond being pretty, they are a reminder to me of the magic in nature. Each time I look at them, I remember that mushrooms are connected underground by the mycelium network. Then I remember I am connected to every person in the same way and something in me exhales. I have sandalwood mala beads on my alter stand, right next to my bed. When my eye catches the small, wood beads I instantly think of desire and prayer. Something in me slows down and I remember….I need that in my life. 

Recently I went to the furniture show in High Point, NC. It was my first time. I walked the countless buildings and most of what I saw was without feeling. It looked like the “showroom” we have all seen and even admired, but the items didn’t elicit anything in my body. I didn’t have that feeling of my belly full of inspiration that I have from the simple mushrooms in my bedroom. There are a lot of “things” in this world and our aim is to find and curate those that have a felt sense, those that bring forth a feeling in us. 

Large or small, heavy or light, none of this matters when we are looking for products that fit the Organic Erotic ethos. What matters most is what you feel in your body when you are around it. There is a sense of being drawn in. Something in it, pulls me towards it. It evokes and awakens my senses. They wake up and expand in a room filled with products from Organic Erotic. 

My dream is a world of things that feel good. In return, our bodies will feel good. Quietly, the space we are in will allow us to open, exhale and relax. From there, we can invite others in. Convene. Converse. Spend time together. All in a place that feels good. This is a life of Organic Erotic. 

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