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Organic Erotic is a process that reshapes the way you shop. The process begins with clearing out the unnecessary items in your life. We call this circulation. You will begin to redefine your relationship with the material goods that make up your world. With a guide, develop a refined appreciation and understanding of how everything has a meaning and a purpose. You will discover how to be in relationship with your surroundings to match your inner monastery.

Organic Erotic is a feeling rather than an aesthetic. It’s not about being rigid in a style, or having it look a certain way, it’s about how it makes you feel in your body, what it evokes, what it brings alive in you. It includes all of you.

From here, everything will be an extension of you. It is a radical act to orient your life towards feeling good in your body.

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The Organic Erotic Process

1.) Join and Connect With Your OE Guide

Once you fill out your intake form, we will connect you with a real person who will curate items to compliment how to feel at home in your body.

2.) Empty Before You Fill

Pick one area to clear out. Let go of the things you know no longer feel good. Even if it just 3 items, you will feel the difference. What no longer serves you can serve someone else. Use your OE bag to send items to our Free Food partner. This is the process of circulation.

3. Be With the Emptiness

Sit with the emptiness and space you crated. What does it feel like in your body? What do you notice?

4.) Fill Up and Purchase

Receive and open your curated OE box. Try out everything. Place the items where they would go and take notice. How do they feel? Keep what you like and send the rest back.

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Organic Erotic (OE) is a company dedicated to building the interior monastery, the expression of your true nature, through curated products. Reimagined by women, we gather items for your homes, bodies and life.

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What people are saying

It really is strange, but it feels different than going out and buying things or even a subscription box

- Liz

What people are saying

I love that you’re creating this experience for people to feel into their spaces and create a monastery/sacred space for themselves

- Elisabeth

What people are saying

Organic Erotic inspired me to clean out my space and create a place for me. A place I can go and listen to my body and heart. At first I didn’t think I needed to clean out, but after talking to my OE guide, I really wanted to. I donated 6 bags of stuff to Free Food.

- Samantha

On the End Result

You solved some of my storage problems with simplicity and elegance and the mere arrival of these items inspired me to clean, throw out, recycle, and make space for new thoughts and feelings.

- Beth

On Emptying Out

Wonderful! Every time I walk into the room my body relaxes. And I want to take care of it.

- Rose

On Circulation

Life is movement. Circulation carries nutrients through flowing/movement. Fear based habitual patterns of control and accumulation give the illusion of safety. Circulation is Erotic and natural.

- Patrish

On the OE Guide Experience

I felt very comfortable with my guide. The process was explained in a way that I felt held without judgement. It felt like a pleasant adventure that would help me achieve something that I had wanted to do anyway but hadn’t been able to do on my own

- PL

On the OE Experience

I suspect that over time, Organic Erotic will train me to think about and love my interiors more. Taking care of a room, apartment or house is an act of self-love and the older I get, the more I appreciate the small details of life.  I don’t sit around mulling the big events like a wedding day or dream job; I remember the feel of linen sheets on newly shaved legs, the smell of burning sage, and the deep rest I felt in my beautiful home

- Beth

Organic Erotic Experience

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