Eros Principles

1.) Reunion: Wholeness Requires the Individual 

The work of the individual is to harmonize the unique blueprint of our soul with the whole of creation: we know ourselves by knowing the world, and we know the world by knowing ourselves.

2.) Alchemy: Convert the Smog of the World into Oxygen 

Once we no longer see ourselves as separate from the world, we relate to the pain and the war of the world as an externalized reflection of our inward state—a state that we can purify in ourselves and radiate back out as love.

3.) Circulation: Fill What Is Empty and Empty What Is Full 

As a healthy heart keeps energy circulating throughout the body, love is the means to keep energy circulating throughout our world.

4.) Co-creation: The Bee and the Flower Are Equally Benefiting

We recognize the mutuality of existence as connected beings and do the work to develop the capacity to both transmit and receive energy; co-creation is a reciprocal process where everyone benefits.

5.) Meeked-ness: The Meeked Shall Inherit the Earth

Meeked, from the Ancient Greek word for meek (praus) are like the wild stallion trained for battle: disciplined and obedient but not broken or pacified.

6.) Remembrance: Remember to Remember 

In remembering to remember we get back to our bodies, go inward, and recover what we have always already known.

7. Incarnation: Build the New that Makes the Old Obsolete

The purpose of life is not to ascend, but to incarnate—to draw heaven down to earth. From here we build the new that makes the old obsolete.

8.) Cultivation: Bring Forth What Is Within You (Gospel of St. Thomas)

Our journey is to become an artist expressing the truths of the human soul with exquisite beauty: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

9.) Play: Potential Is Discovered in Play

Through play we convert “negative” stagnation into potential and use it according to each person’s desire; the world and all its trauma is not a hell-realm to be overcome, but a playground to love.

10.) Purposefulness: Your Pain Is Your Purpose

Our path to greatness lies in turning the poison of pain into medicine for others; merely healing ourselves is insufficient.

11.) Rehumanizing: We Are Inestimably Powerful

We all hold inestimable power from the resources within; Those who society has marginalized—the imprisoned, the mentally ill, the homeless, the crazy ones—have the most unexplored potential, and the most potential to teach us.

12.) Unconditionality: Freedom in All Conditions

Genuine freedom is found in approval of all conditions; we must train for unconditional love, Eros, and truth without exception to find meaning and purpose right where we are.

13.) Eudaimonia: Unique Blueprint Leads to Human Flourishing

Flourishing (eudaimonia) is the result of the full expression of each individual’s unique blueprint for contribution: it is what she and the world need.

14.) Synthesis: Genius Is Found in Synthesis

The union of opposites—light and dark, good and bad, rational and non-rational--is the wellspring of genius.

15.) Reception: True Power Is that of Reception 

Reception that converts the repugnant into the desirable is true power: “Will you receive me, unconditionally and without judgement or agenda?” is the existential question.