Our Ethos

Organic Erotic is an ethos for living aimed at fostering Eros as a state of being while also empowering you to contribute positively to your community and make your personal environment your sanctuary.  Imagine a world where every object in your home not only invites you to connect on a deeper, more erotic level but also serves as a reminder of your commitment to enhancing both your life and the lives of those around you by living in these depths. 
Our mission at OE is to introduce you to a new way of living, one that empowers you to experience your life from the felt sense. Organic Erotic is an ethos for living aimed at fostering Eros as a state of being. Dedicated to providing the conditions for the erotic life to emerge, Organic Erotic creates environments that allow you to live every aspect of your life as art.

Through Organic Erotic, everything in your home becomes an extension of you, allowing you to live every aspect of your life as art. It's a radical act, a deliberate choice to align your life with the pursuit of feeling good in your home and using that as a foundation for contributing to community.

Organic Erotic is to benefit all sentient beings by creating a world that is conducive for living from these depths. A felt sense revolution that make a lasting difference to you and the world around you.

The foundation

Emptiness & Form

Both are required.

Our bodies crave having our senses touched by beauty, scent, resonant sounds, saturation and tangible pleasures.

Bodies exist in and speak in the language of the senses. The body awakens through exquisite attention to an atmosphere and environment focused on being in tune with nature.

The Essence

Empty. Circulate. Shop.

Empty what is full and fill what is empty.

We believe in a world of circulation. In order to have room for the new, we must empty out the old. To feel at home in your body, you let go of what is no longer needed or wanted. And, fill your life with what is in alignment. The process of redistributing items in your life is an essential ingredient to living fully in your body.

Product Philosphy

Real & Beautiful

We focus on what is real (wood, soft cottons, elemental). We choose products that are created through slow and deliberate processes - it must feel good to be good. Our products are artful and simple. They highlight attention to details and are playful in their essence. They create a feeling of being connected and intimate to oneself, are nourishing to the body, and gentle in their manufacturing.