For now, we only ship within the US. If you are interested in receiving outside the US, you can always send us an email telling us about your desire at hello@organicerotic.us.

For all returns, there is a 30-day window. For more details check out our return policy page.

Organic Erotic is a shopping experience with a focus on the felt sense that begins with clearing out that which no longer feels good. We are a company for women that first creates space to then be able to take in what feels good to the body. It activates the process of clearing out what no longer serves and supports a life where we have less, not more. Organic Erotic perpetuates a cycle of circulation that gives back to those in need.

As a company, we believe in circulation where nothing should remain stagnant. In alignment with our principles, the customers who join OE and go through the intake process have access to our full array of products. All items unused and shipped back by our members become available to all on our Organic Erotic website.

An Organic Erotic guide is a trained, professional and your guide to Eros. They work with you individually and are available to you anytime you want. Your guide will take you through the process of emptying what no longer serves you and feeling good in your body and your surroundings. Through the process of working together, your guide will put together products based on your desires.

It does not cost money to be an Organic Erotic member. You will only pay for any products you choose to keep. Any products you do not want, you can send back no charge.

You only keep what feels good to you and if needed, your guide can help you determine that.

Organic Erotic is about how you feel. Before buying at Organic Erotic, our customers, along with the guidance of their guide, engage in a process of letting go of things in their homes, closets and lives that no longer serve them and giving it to someone it can serve. Even if it is just 3 items, you will feel the difference. As a company, we take these items and donate to those in need with the help of our charitable partners. Thus begins the cycle of circulation. This is how Organic Erotic is redefining the way people purchase.

Circulation is a recommendation, not a requirement. We place importance on the process of feeling as good as the outcome so that everything from our housewares to our intimates are a conduit to awaken our senses.

Organic Erotic is not about organizing, it is about emptying. We don’t actually organize for you, and we wouldn’t call ourselves organizers. We show you the way to the felt sense of empty through circulation. Organization is just a by-product of learning how to carve out and sit in the feeling of empty. And it is only from that place that we can begin to feel ourselves, and our surroundings.