We define felt sense as the feeling experienced in our body in response to our environment. When thinking in terms of spaces and furnishings, ask yourself “How do I feel in my body when I am in this room? How would I like to feel?” The more we make decisions based on this felt sense the more we will create an environment and a life that will nourish the deepest parts of who we are.

The name Organic Erotic speaks to a natural, healthy, and satisfying connection to our surroundings. Felt in the body, nourishing and true. 

Author and activist, Audre Lorde, defines Erotic as a profound resource of feminine power housed within the spiritual plane of women's existence. This power, as she describes in her 1978 essay “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power”, is a sense of deep satisfaction – beyond the sexual deceptively portrayed in the pornographic – elevated by a profound feeling that lives in the joy and fulfillment of a woman's being.

The Organic Erotic Process is an antidote to mindless consumerism. These days many of us have overstuffed ourselves and our living spaces. At some point we begin to realize that increased consumption will never give us the deep satisfaction and abiding joy we long for. There's no amount of money we can spend or one more thing we can buy that will truly satisfy. Further consumption only numbs the senses and dulls our ability to feel the world around us. The antidote to this dullness is to empty, circulate and consciously shop.

We crave the deep exhale available when walking into a clean peaceful room, or the serenity the scent of a favorite incense invokes. This is what Organic Erotic aims for - to have people truly feel good in their surroundings. 

Begin with Emptying- that which no longer feels good. The spaces which have you say, “I wish it wasn’t so cluttered in here.” The objects you look at and think, “I don’t really like these, but I don’t know what to replace them with.” The Emptying Process creates more breath in your being and surroundings. As a result, your senses open more and come alive. 

Next, Circulate- let go of what no longer feels good.  There are many ways to circulate the items you no longer want or need. Whether you resell, gift, or donate to those in need, getting things into the hands of those that will use and appreciate them always feels great!

Finally, Shop- consciously aware of how items feel to you. Take the new space and breath you have created and connect more deeply to your body, to your essential self. Make choices based on how items make your body feel. Be intentional about what you bring into your spaces as well as the overall feeling you'd like to create where you live, work and play.

Organic Erotic is a shopping experience with a focus on the felt sense that begins with emptying that which no longer feels good. We are a company that first creates space in order to then be able to take in what feels good to the body. It activates the senses and supports a life where we have less, not more. Organic Erotic perpetuates a cycle of circulation that gives back to those in need.

Organic Erotic Guides are true experts at accessing felt sense. They understand that each woman's journey is unique and will support and encourage you in transforming your space by guiding you through the OE Process in whatever way is most useful to you. They genuinely enjoy getting to know each customer personally and work directly with our curation team to make sure each box you receive reflects the felt sense you desire.

Organic Erotic is not an interior decorating service. Organic Erotic helps customers create space that feels good by working with the Organic Erotic Process. Our emphasis is empowering and supporting our customers as they create home, office or creative space that feels like their own personal sanctuary. We believe that how a space feels is just as important as how it looks, if not more so! We have also replaced the traditional retail store with a personal OE Guide that provides support every step of the way.

For Direct Online purchases we have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your items to request a return. For the OE Box try-before-you-buy experience, all returns must be submitted and shipped no later than the day before your payment due date, otherwise you will be charged for all items in your OE Box. For more details check out our return policy page.

For now, we only ship within the US. If you are interested in receiving outside the US, you can always send us an email telling us about your desire at hello@organicerotic.us.

E-commerce orders ship within 2 business days. Guide orders ship within 3 business days of your consulation.

As a company, we believe in circulation where nothing should remain stagnant. In alignment with our principles, the customers who join OE and go through the intake process have access to our full array of products. All items unused and shipped back by our members become available to all on the Organic Erotic website.

It does not cost money to be an Organic Erotic member. You will only pay for any products you choose to keep. Any products you do not want, you can send back no charge.

You only keep what feels good to you and if needed, your guide can help you determine that. We believe you must feel the items before you buy them.

Organic Erotic is about how you feel. Before buying at Organic Erotic, our customers, along with the guidance of their guide, engage in a process of letting go of things in their homes, closets and lives that no longer serve them and giving it to someone it can serve. Even if it is just 3 items, you will feel the difference. As a company, we take these items and donate to those in need with the help of our charitable partners. Thus begins the cycle of circulation. This is how Organic Erotic is redefining the way people purchase.

Circulation is a recommendation, not a requirement. We place importance on the process of feeling as good as the outcome so that everything from our housewares to our intimates are a conduit to awaken our senses.

Organic Erotic is not about organizing, it is about emptying. We don’t actually organize for you, and we wouldn’t call ourselves organizers. We show you the way to the felt sense of empty through circulation. Organization is just a by-product of learning how to carve out and sit in the feeling of empty. And it is only from that place that we can begin to feel ourselves, and our surroundings.