Her home became her sanctuary

Get started with your Organic Erotic journey

Welcome to Organic Erotic (OE) - the experts of felt sense. Our mission is to revolutionize how you relate to your dwelling spaces- whether that be home, creative space, or office. Every space can and should feel like your own personal sanctuary. 

Our “Try Before You Buy” shopping experience is more than just another purchase: it's about creating spaces that echo the beauty of your inner world. OE’s simple and powerful process allows you to “Empty that which no longer feels good” before taking time to be with and feel the items we curate for you.

Step 1: Tell us about yourself, which space you’d like to start with and how you’d like it to feel.

Step 2: Reserve your box for a $1 reservation fee to ensure we can ship your package.

Step 3: Keep and purchase what feels good. Send back the rest on us!

After you reserve your box, you’ll receive a call from your OE Guide introducing themselves, and you’ll have an opportunity to work with the OE Process as your box is curated and shipped to your door.

“I had a friend come
over last night that
hasn't been here in
awhile and she said our
home feels like a

- Collyn H

“You completely nailed
it. This box is amazing.
I’m in love with all these
dreamy natural textures.”

- May C

“I can't really explain.
With all the new pieces
through out the house it
feels more put together
and less chaotic.”

- Sarah J

“I just unpacked my box.
I swear a sense of peace
washed over me.”

- Jessica S.