The Word “Erotic”

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Someone wrote to me after our last email asking why we use the word “Erotic”. They love the concept. Love the try before you buy pieces. And, wondered why we would choose the word “Erotic”. 

Organic Erotic is about creating a home that feels good. More important than how it looks, it has to feel good. Your home is the place you exhale. A place your senses open and expand. This is exactly what the true definition of the word Erotic means. 

Audre Lorde, an educator and a poet, defined the Erotic as a profound resource of feminine power housed within the spiritual plane of women's existence. This power, as she describes in her 1978 essay “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power”, is a sense of deep satisfaction, elevated by a profound feeling that lives in the joy and fulfillment of a woman's being. 

The aim of Organic Erotic is to fill your surroundings with a feeling, such that your environment feels good to your body, and as a result, you begin to feel good. Your consciousness begins to un-cramp. You feel a spaciousness within. Light enters and you begin to feel a certain sense of relaxation emanate from within. As if being washed within from the pieces in your surrounding, you begin to radiate. This is what it means to live with Organic Erotic. 

It is attainable anywhere, in any space. It is a feeling, not an aesthetic. You notice it as something profoundly different than the perfectly manicured, put together homes. It is no longer important that your home is “instagram ready”. Instead, it is “you ready”. It feels good to you. 

It doesn’t have to cost a lot. I started small. One corner of my bedroom. Can I make this small area, atop this table, feel good? What do I need to remove? What belongs here? Does this plant feel good here? 

Tonight, after a long day at the warehouse, I came home to a quiet home. I lit 4 candles across my second floor apartment and sat down. I took a few breaths, focused on what my body felt like sitting atop my couch and the day began to move through me. The tension from my shoulders slowly moved out. I felt my thighs expand and sink in deeper. This is the feeling of being Erotic in your home. You feeling you. 

A home that feels good. This is Organic Erotic. You can begin today. 

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