What Does It Take To Enjoy Your Home This Fall?

Posted by Joanna Van Vleck on

There is something I love about the days getting shorter and the air becoming crisp. I begin to feel the air across my skin as I walk, the need to pull out sweaters from up top in the closet. As it gets darker earlier, I am reminded of how much I love being home. I am a professed homebody, always have been. This time of year is when I fall in love with home even more and sink back in to the interior of me.

I walk home from the Organic Erotic warehouse daily in the chilled air. Sometimes the sun is going down, others it is already the blue/black sky that I love. Through the door and up the stairs, the first thing I find is home. The air is filled with a trace of the incense I burned that morning. The plants feel like they are there to welcome me, as though they’ve somehow been waiting for my return. 

I’ve arranged home to be the place that my senses can open and relax. It is the result of time and attention on each item. It doesn’t translate to fancy. In fact it is something more akin to lived well. There is nothing extravagant. Simply the worn in grooves of my attention in the space. It hollows out something that I can return to, home. 

I light 3-4 candles throughout the apartment, depending on the day. Sometimes I need more warmth burning through my evening. I like lights on dimmers. I usually start the room at all the way lit when I arrive home and progressively dim throughout the evening. By the end of the night, just before I sign off for the day, the candles are burning, the overhead lights are on dim and the bustle of the street remains seeping through the windows. 

Fall is the perfect time to begin creating our sanctuary. The interior and the exterior. The Organic Erotic Way is in accordance with nature. This is when we begin to pull inward a bit more. Come back to home and settle in more than we have over the last few months. A purposeful time to come back to your center, home, and create the feeling you crave inside of it. 

We will have Fall together in our homes, matching our interior to our exterior. 

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