There Is A Purpose In All Things

Posted by Joanna Van Vleck on

I’ve been reminded this week of the purpose in all things. I used to be a person who only wanted to look for the “good”. If it didn’t fall within my small parameters of “good”, I wanted to ignore it. The problem with that is the conditions my mind thinks are “good” don’t seem to match up with life. I end up holding my breath waiting for there to be good. Over the last 10 years I have (slowly) learned there is a purpose in all things. I only need to be wiling to look long enough to see it.  

The past month our marketing team kept telling me that every retail company in the world is spending ad dollars, making every dollar spent less effective. Previously, this is something I wouldn’t have deemed “good”. That place where we don’t like something, news or otherwise, and the easiest thing is to sightly turn our attention in a way that we can forget it. Not face it. Bury my mind in other things until the Holidays pass and ad spending for the rest of the world goes back to normal. Only there, I would have to hold my breath knowing that I am avoiding something. It is the same feeling when I walk past the laundry hamper in the hallway filled with clean clothes for 3 days hoping it will go away. It doesn’t and then every time I walk by, I have to ever so slightly constrict knowing there is something I don’t want to face. 

Instead, I turned towards. Ok, the world has a pattern of spending more marketing dollars over the last six weeks of the year. What does that mean? What is being asked of me, of us? What wants to be revealed? I keep my mind open, not forcing an answer, and go about my day. What came to me some time later was this is the time to focus on the customers we already have. Reach out. Be in touch. Help people find the perfect Holiday gift. Be with what is, what we have already. That is more than enough to keep us busy while the rest of the world lives inside the Holiday patterns. 

It is similar to circulating the items you empty in the OE process. Nothing needs to go to waste. The old, dinged up pot set that I thought I needed to throw away is the biggest gift for someone else. This is why Organic Erotic circulates. There is a purpose in all things. When I stop my mind for a brief moment and ask…what is being asked here, a world of possibilities reveal themselves. 

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