The Reason It All Made Sense In the First Place

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There is a quote by Charlie Mackesy that says “I think everyone is just trying to get home”. When I heard this it was in a spiritual context. The home they were referring to was our true nature, our true self. 

My journey started many years ago creating a business around mens clothing. I had never had a “real” job before starting this company (which went on to change the entire industry of retail). I had been a lifeguard and a nanny, with a small stint as a barista. I didn’t know about P&L’s or pitch decks or tech solutions. I only knew what I believed, that most men didn’t like to shop for clothing. I thought of the idea on a run and I had the hutzpah to begin. As though I was running to dive off highest diving board, I jumped in with full gusto. 

In the process of trying to quickly become a “business woman”, I left myself, my home. The me that is here to simply offer joy and beauty to people. The woman who had a vision that there was a way for people to feel good about themselves. 

This week a friend of mine said something about the purpose of Organic Erotic. I quickly scrolled my notes and came across this writing about OE. As I read it, I remembered home. My why. The reason it all made sense in the first place. 

To live from a place where all of the senses are included. Where your home is designed so sensually, so in order to accommodate all of your senses and your body relaxes in the process. Neither opulent nor merely functional, but attention to detail. Attention to the scent in a room. Attention to the way that fabric feels against your skin. Attention to the sensations that occur with the blending of textures. This is my why. To create environments that allow you to live every aspect of your life as art.

As I touched back down into this, I exhaled. Something in me opened that had been clenched shut for a little while. As though the hustle and bustle of the day to day cinched this spot tighter and tighter each day. The exhale was immediate and the unraveling took a couple days. As a friend of mine says, remember to remember. Remember to come home, to this place, to the why. 

This is possible each time I walk into my home. If I am willing to allow myself, my body, to sink in for a moment, I can come back to this place. It is always available inside of me. The place I exhale, remove the masks I have put on during the day, and let it all unravel. That unraveling has my senses stretch out. Where every hair on body is pushed out and I can take in the subtle, the beauty. Often times I go through the motions. I light my candles each night, I do my morning incense routine and yet if I don’t take this time to sink in, it is only on the surface. 

I remembered this week. It must come from the internal, my home. When I am here, the things I do through the day to day of life may not look so different, but when felt are different by orders of magnitude. My desire is for all of us to get home, let go and relax. 

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