The Question She Asked Me

Posted by Joanna Van Vleck on

I was having a conversation with a potential investor last week and she asked “In 5 years what do you want Organic Erotic to be known for”? There was no pause in me. Earlier that morning I had been sitting, the sheets pulled over my legs, mediating on the day and I said to myself “What do I want to the world to know”? 

Amidst the sandalwood incense and the dim morning light the answer was simple, clear and immediate: Building your life from the felt sense. I wrote it down on a note, like I always do, and went about my day. Fast forward 7 hours, I am on a zoom with this woman and she asks the question to the answer that had dropped into my mind hours before. 

The question brought a certain level of intimacy. My voice cracked ever so slightly as the answer began to roll out, revealing what had come to me earlier. I desire OE to be known as the company that shows you what life is like when you build it from the felt sense. From home to beauty to your body to travel. All aspects of our life built from the felt sense, how it feels on the interior. 

It took me a long time to truly learn the felt sense. I am still learning each day. If you had asked me 14 years ago if I could feel, I would have said yes. And yet, I didn’t have access to the interior part of me that could feel the deeper things. Desires. Things that open the senses to their next layer.

My desire is for Organic Erotic to be the place that people come to begin to build their lives from the felt sense. To begin with one spot and say….does this feel good? To sit inside of that space. Feel it. Notice what feels like a slight agitation. Notice what feels like an exhale and has your body expand. It takes time. It is not a quick fix. It is not decorating. It is allowing our environments, the things around us, to arouse the whole of our senses. 

We will do this one day at a time, together. Creating a life from the felt sense. 

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