The Power of Connection

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“Hello?” She answers the phone, I can feel the hesitance or resistance. Underneath it is something that feels like overwhelm and assuming it’s just another spam call.

“Hi, is this Kelly?” I say with the genuine joy I feel as I sit in our warehouse surrounded by items that are filled with life. I’m looking at our soft linen terracotta blanket imagining one of our customers wrapped in one. It’s both light and weighted all at the same time.

“Yes,” she responds with a shortness but a slight curiosity at the end of the word.

“This is Sofia from Organic Erotic,” I say beaming love in her direction. There is a moment’s pause as she takes it in. It is in this moment I can feel the uncertainty of how it will land. A company that is being created by women for women. With the foundation that our spaces are our sanctuaries. The life each women we connect with experiences informs the decision of whether or not she will open to her desire of experiencing our process. I hold the possibility, noticing that even in myself it’s such an intimate experience.

“Oh my god HELLO!” She responds, beaming back even more joy than I sent in her direction back at me. She goes on to share that she is so happy that I called. She had read all about the concept of Organic Erotic and had never heard of anything like it before. I can feel relief, desire, and an excitement.

Just in a few short months, I have texted and called over 1,500 potential customers. There is an intimacy just in the first text message. What we are offering is more than a box of items, though that box alone is enough to open a woman up to her desire. We are offering an entirely new perspective on your relationship with your space, which in turn has the potential to inform the rest of your life.

We say that Organic Erotic is built on the foundational belief that our surroundings reflect our inner world. “Then clearly my home environment reflects my inability to breathe!” One customer responded when I shared more of our philosophy. If we were to really sit in our spaces just as they are, what are they trying to show us or tell us? Where is our attention wanted in our space?

In a world that is currently one where you can buy everything online where you don’t need to connect with anyone to have everything you need, I often think about why are we offering the experience as guided.

And then each day, I text and call every person that applies to try out the Organic Erotic experience and each day I am reminded of the power of connection. Whether it’s a woman who feels overwhelmed by the clutter in her space, or the woman who has a hard time bringing beauty and warmth and life into her space. Or even the woman whose space looks good in photographs, but doesn’t allow her the exhale she is longing for.

Each of these women remind me the power of connection. I do not interact with these women from a throne of having figured it all out. I interact with them having experienced similar feelings in my space and in my life. I interact with the feeling of having been given a life of so much goodness that them allowing me into their spaces is a gift, an intimacy of getting to see a window into their world.

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