Gratitude As A Form Of Emptying

Posted by Joanna Van Vleck on

On Saturday I was on the table of my Tibetan acupuncturist. A magic man of sorts, when you lay on the table in his basement Tibetan sanctuary you are transported to a timeless, ancient space. As I laid atop the table he began talking about how we first focus on emptying the toxins and then turn our attention to adding in nourishment. This was my week to go from emptying to beginning to nourish. This is the constant cycle we find ourselves in he says in between his chants and bits of wisdom about the Himalayas. 

My mind drifted to the OE process. I saw how each person in Organic Erotic first empties and then fills. It follows nature. It follows the body. The OE process teaches us how to empty our space, the external, the outer layer in our world. My Tibetan acupuncturist helps me empty the internal of my body. As I thought about the recent Holiday, the day to give thanks, I remembered a universal truth. Gratitude is a natural form of emptying. 

When we share gratitude we are acknowledging (something, someone, etc), giving thanks and letting it go. It is a literal releasing inside the body. I experienced this after my Thanksgiving meal. Three of us were sitting on the couch, our bellies a little too stuffed from warm apple cobbler. I suggested we do a few rounds of gratitudes. With each round that passed my stomach physically felt less full. There was a feeling of being lighter. There was no exercise. No yoga stretches. Simply the three of us sitting together sharing specific moments we were thankful for. 

There is a discomfort that comes with being too full. Whether it be food in your stomach, items in your room or toxins in your body, discomfort always feels the same — a certain level of agitation. This is the sign we must empty. My key to remember is….it is not a one time thing. It is often daily or weekly. When it goes too long without some form of emptying, I have to do extra. How do I do a daily practice of emptying for both the internal and external? We can begin a practice of this together. 

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