Sanctuary Box - Large

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Felt Sense EARTHY

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Transform your home into your sanctuary. At Organic Erotic, we believe the items in your home have the power to transform your space into a location where you feel more creative, calm, and relaxed. Start with our large Sanctuary Box and receive all the essentials to create your sanctuary altar plus an additional item to add more of your desired felt sense to your home.

Large Sanctuary Box includes:

  • One altar stand or tray
  • One candle
  • One set of incense
  • One incense burner
  • One vase to hold incense
  • One set of beads or glass box
  • One crystal or small decorative piece
  • One item of beauty or centering piece

Choose your felt sense:

  • Earthy: Bring natural elements into your home to remind you everyday is filled with life and the capacity to create growth.
  • Grounded: Add depth to your space with items that remind you that you are at home in your body.
  • Warm: Bring the feeling of home into your sanctuary. These elements will bring a sense of comfort, ease, and safety. Reminding yourself that you always know.
  • Soft: Allow your senses to expand and relax into your space. Reminding yourself softness is your greatest strength.
  • Feminine: Bring beauty and depth to your space. Reminding yourself their is beauty in the unseen.
Boxes are specifically curated for your space, if you would like us to know more, please email us at and include your name and more details about your felt-sense desire.