Give the Gift of...The Organic Erotic Experience

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The goal behind every OE room is to create a felt sense revolution in your home, to exhale a sigh of relief upon entering each space - a sanctuary with exactly the right amount of pieces, in materials that are real, tactile and grounded.

The OE process is elevated beyond mere shopping by the purpose behind it, an active reset from mass produced, Instagram-pretty places that are visually pleasing but often soulless. As a design culture, we've become accustomed to spaces that may be filled with styled items, but that don't speak to our inner selves in order to promote comfort, peace and alignment.

Think of yoga: of course, it could be solely about gaining a better body, but how much more can be gained with a deeper connection to the practice - the benefits of less stress, more centeredness and peace of mind? True alignment comes from the benefit to our inner and outer selves, the very service that sets OE apart from other curated home decor experiences. Organic Erotic seeks to disrupt the design industry by leading with our interior selves in order to create our ideal visual and tactile surroundings.

The greatest gift is the gift of the full Organic Erotic Experience. Allow that special person in your life to through the full OE experience with a guide. Choose the denomination of amount you want that person to have for products and leave the rest to us.

The Gift of The Organic Erotic Experience includes:
  • Full access to an OE Guide
  • The Gift of Emptying
  • A box of curated OE products delivered to them in the monetary denomination you choose (recommended amount is $350).