Capucine Basket

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This hand-woven basket is made from natural banana leaf materials and corn husk fibers by artisans using traditional techniques. Woven around a metal structure, making it sturdy and long lasting. The darker base is accented by a lighter rim and handles, creating a tonal variation from the different natural materials. Being textural, yet neutral, this basket offers a great option for stylish organization as well as being a great decorative accent. -Great option for small storage, or a decorative holder for your favorite plant. -The banana leaf fibers used are environmentally friendly. Each leaf is dried before weaving after being harvested from one of the most sustainable tropical plants. Corn husk fibers are one of the most durable and sturdy for basket weaving. -Handmade by artisans using traditional weaving techniques. Hand-woven with banana leaf and corn husk fibers. 

  • 8.25″ x 8.25″ x 7.5″
  • Banana Leaf, Corn Husk & Metal