Join the thousands of people who have turned their home into their sanctuary.

Reserve your box for $25 $1 and receive your box within a week.


  • Keep and pay for what feels good in your space; send back the rest (no questions asked!) with our pre-paid free shipping label.


  • You will not be charged until you have tried it out in your home for 7 days and decide what you want to keep.


  • We are sending you a curated box of home goods to try in your home before you have to purchase them. Typical value of a box is $50 - $300. You have 7 days to decide what you want to keep and purchase. Return everything else on us with a pre-paid shipping label. 


  • Reserving your box begins your OE guided experience and ensures that your items ship out to you. Once you reserve your box, an OE Guide will reach out to you, and we begin curating items for your space.

First time customers will get a $10 discount automatically applied to your first order.

What Customers are Saying

Casey G.

I can never go into big home stores because I feel so overwhelmed and I never know what I want so I have a hard time buying anything that feels good. Organic Erotic has been the exact opposite feeling. They know what I need and send it right to me.

Stephanie A.

The minute I opened my box the smell and sense I had was so peaceful and focused. I’m going through the OE process now. I'm very much looking forward to making our house a home.

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Tammy T.

I am having this experience of touching my Organic Erotic items and feeling a sense of grounded peace. I now want to redo my whole house to have that feeling everywhere. I love the texture and realness of the items.


I’m so excited! The items are so beautiful and I love the “earthiness” of them. I love the connection. Such a beautiful and calming experience really. I so needed to do this and have this experience. It has helped me in more ways than I can tell you. And amazingly this has also helped me to be more creative for my lifestyle brand.