What I Learned In Year One

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In late 2022, Joanna, CEO and Founder of Organic Erotic, asked me to start this company with her. She told me it would be fun. We would teach people exactly what we do with our houses. Everyone will empty their space. And they will buy items that feel good to fill the space back up.

It sounded fun and I was not convinced. I thought, NO ONE WILL EMPTY. 

We have completed one year of Organic Erotic. I learned…people love to empty. I was shocked. 

Emptying is the process of clearing what no longer feels good, or serves you. I saw an instagram  where a woman talked about the clutter in her space. Her therapist told her, clutter speaks to you, it says, “Clean me. Put me away. I don’t go here.” You hear those voices, and they bother you. 

I notice when my room is tidy. I find myself able to drop into my space and hear my thoughts more clearly. I can relax. I can write. And sometimes, I create. When my room is untidy, I cant quite focus. I keep looking at an item, or I notice my attention is drawn outside of myself. I have made it a habit, to listen to those locations. If I notice I have a tendency to pile items in an area, I will place a basket underneath, this way, the items have a space to call home. 

Year One of Organic Erotic, people felt inspired to empty. Customers sent us photos of their before and after. They delighted in the experience. 

This year, one of our consultants asked me, What is your vision for Organic Erotic? I promptly replied, “I am not a vision person, I do the day to day tasks of the visionary” 

I am stepping into a larger role with Organic Erotic as the President. He said, to me, “You are the President, your vision is important.” It was like an itch I couldn’t quite scratch. It nagged on me. 

Until we had this idea to launch, Sanctuary Boxes. 

Sanctuary Boxes contain the essential items to create a meditative, intentional, corner area of your space. It usually consists of a stand, a candle, incense, an incense holder, a vase to place your incense in (because who can be bothered to pull them out of the box), a crystal, beads, and one item of beauty. 

I have been curating, customizing, and designing boxes for the past year. All of my designs offer these elements in some aspect. The sanctuary box was created from my heart, my deep belief in having at least one location in your room that reminds you of who you want to be in the world, what you want to bring, and that it is always with you.

I was sharing the new Sanctuary Box item with one of our OE Guides. I said all I want for each customer is to  leave our experience knowing they CAN make their space be a place that has them feel good. I want them to leave with the skills and knowledge that your room can become your sanctuary, a place you feel 100 % yourself and fully expressed. 

And in truth, that is what I do with every room I come in contact with. I have lived in many places in my life. Sometimes luxurious large spaces. Sometimes, small rooms. In every space I live in my friends visit and say “Wow, your room feels so good”. 

I create a space that feels good to be in. Your body relaxes in the space. You could fall asleep or you could create or simply just be. All is welcome. 

This is what I want for our people who experience Organic Erotic. I want them to come home at the end of the day looking forward to being in their space. As they walk in every piece of stress and worry melts away. In that moment I know, I am home. I want home to be a space they relax, let go, and remember themselves. From here, we all learn to create. 

Organic Erotic is designed with this vision and mission in mind. Every person who works for us believes in and knows this experience. Just today, one of our employees who was having a rough day, called me and said nothing is going right. She then told me, at one moment, she just needed to relax, so she sat in her space, looked at her sanctuary set, and lit her candle. She gave herself a minute to rest, relax, and reset, and she used her room to help her. 

This is the gift of Organic Erotic. I want it for everyone. 

I welcome you to step into the experience of turning your home into your sanctuary through either our Guided Experience or through our Sanctuary Box. 

Come home to a place that reminds you of the depth of you. You are beautiful. You are creative. You are powerful. You are you. And, you are perfect.


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