An art designed by you, for you

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As a young woman, I remember going into friends homes or parents homes and looking at their spaces. For some interior designers had designed them. The pieces were stunning and well placed, and yet, while I was there, I couldn’t relax. I was concerned about disturbing a pillow, or breaking an item, or disrupting the placement of something. 

For myself, I consider myself an active, creative, and chaotic person. When I am in flow and inside of my passion, my world around me can become disruptive. I need to feel as if I can move and relax inside my space. 

When I started working for Organic Erotic and designed my first home using our products, I found myself able to sink into the space. I also noticed myself reflecting on the differences? What had me be able to sink into a room designed by Organic Erotic and not other homes? Why do I feel more relaxed? I still placed items thoughtfully and all the items evoke beauty, relaxation, and simplicity. So what was the difference?

As I have begun to dig in deeper as product manager of Organic Erotic, what I am coming to find is that each piece can stand alone. Each piece brings a felt sense, an experience in and of itself. 

The Ancient African bowl brings a feeling of life, earth, and grounding. 

The ceramic vase handmade from Spain, brings depth, gravity, and creativity. 

Its almost as if you can feel the process, the experience, and the people who worked to create these pieces emanating through, participating and providing the felt sense in my space. 

If it is true that we are creating a space we can feel alive in and live in, wouldn’t we want products that have a life to them? A uniqueness that evokes a feeling or sends a message of life into our souls and reminds us we are in this world to create and experience everything it has to offer. 

The deeper I journey into my own experience at Organic Erotic, I truly appreciate having a place to come home to that evokes a spirit of life. 

Often times customers respond to the boxes they receive saying, “Wow, you really nailed it, how did you know exactly what I wanted?” But what if, its not us at Organic Erotic, but what if it is the piece that speaks to them? And, we are getting credited, but in fact it is the people who made the item that truly deserve the credit. Those that spent hours crafting it to have it have a life, a feeling, and a purpose. 

Designing your life by the felt sense is an art. I once heard the word art defined as ANYTHING that can bring about an emotional feeling or power. Designing your home by the felt sense, is exactly that, its the art of evoking the emotion you wish to live inside. And in my opinion its one of the best forms of art you can give yourself. An art designed by you, for you. I don’t think it gets much better than that! 

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