Give the Gift of...Nature

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Bodies exist in and speak a language of the senses. Our bodies crave having our senses stroked with beauty, with scent, with saturation, with tactile pleasures, and with reasonant sounds.

They awaken and rise for the exquisite attention to an atmosphere and environment marked by attunement to nature. There is a fundamental intimacy to it, a coming together of the environment, the body, the senses, and the attention, so that consciousness can reset and then expand to a new level of openness.

This is the Gift of Nature. The gift of aligning one's space with the natural.

The Gift of Nature includes:

Smokey Quartz Point
A hand-carved, unique crystal. This brings depth and spaciousness to the space.

Small House Plant
A real life plant. Each plant carries with it the natural elements of the outside into the home. They breathe life into the room.

Handmade Ceramic Pot
Use this as a home for your plant, adding depth and a sense of beauty. Your choice of the below colorations.
  • Grey
  • Terracotta
  • Beige