Our Process

  • A try before you buy home goods shopping experience that includes emptying the old, the things that no longer feel good, circulating them to those in need and then receiving personalized, curated items shipped right to your doorstep 
  • No subscription fee. We believe in “feel before you buy”. Keep what you love and send the rest back
  • Items curated specifically for your space
  • We have replaced the retail store with your own personal guide to make shopping a whole lot easier and simply a text away.
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The Organic Erotic Process

  • Sent directly to your doorstep
  • Curated Selection
  • Guided experience
  • Feel before you buy
  • Keep what feels good
  • Free returns


Her home became her sanctuary

Organic Erotic is the only try before you buy home goods shopping experience where you empty that which no longer feels good before you shop.

Join by filling out your information below, text with an OE guide and receive a box of curated items for your home right to your doorstep.

Keep and purchase what you like and send the rest back.

Why We Ask

The Organic Erotic experience is a guided experience with a guide who is a trained, professional that takes you through a shopping process reimagined. They work with you individually and are available to you anytime. Through the process of working together, your guide and our product team will curate products based on your desires.

Why We Ask

“I had a friend come
over last night that
hasn't been here in
awhile and she said our
home feels like a

- Collyn H

“You completely nailed
it. This box is amazing.
I’m in love with all these
dreamy natural textures.”

- May C

“I can't really explain.
With all the new pieces
through out the house it
feels more put together
and less chaotic.”

- Sarah J

“I just unpacked my box.
I swear a sense of peace
washed over me.”

- Jessica S.


Organic Erotic is simply that — a sense of deep satisfaction in one’s surroundings. The goal of Organic Erotic is to speak of the erotic as the great Audre Lorde defines it, to “speak of the lifeforce of women; of that creative energy empowered. 

The Erotic, as defined and discussed by educator and poet, Audre Lorde, is a profound resource of feminine power housed within the spiritual plane of women's existence. This power, as she describes in her 1978 essay “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power”, is a sense of deep satisfaction – beyond the sexual deceptively portrayed in the pornographic – elevated by a profound feeling that lives in the joy and fulfillment of a woman's being. 

The aim of Organic Erotic is to fill a person’s surroundings with a feeling, such that their environment feels good to the body, and as a result, they begin to feel good.

The Organic Erotic Emptying Process began from this principle: you cannot feel that which is overfull. 

The Organic Erotic vision is a simple one, based on creating a feeling. A feeling of your surroundings. A feeling in your body.  A feeling of the items you choose to have in your home. 

To determine if your surroundings feel good to you or not, you must first genuinely feel. You must first sink further into your body, yourself. You extend your senses out to your external surroundings. From there you will know.

We can no longer afford to overstuff ourselves or consume more. These actions numb the senses, our ability to feel. We learn that in consuming, we will never reach what we are longing for. Doesn’t matter how much money we spend or what more we buy.

What you are longing for is the exhale when you walk in your bedroom. The peaceful serenity as you sit on your couch. The quiet as you enter your bathroom. These feelings are what Organic Erotic aims for - to feel good in your surroundings. 

The Organic Erotic Way is to first empty that which no longer serves you. The places you walk by and hear the small internal voice say, “I wish it wasn’t so cluttered here.” The objects you look at and think, “I don’t really like these but I don’t know what to replace them with.” 

It doesn’t matter whether you empty 3 items or 30. The Organic Erotic Emptying Process creates more breath in your body and surroundings. And as a result, your senses open more and come alive. 

This is where we begin. 

Organic Erotic is a shopping experience with a focus on the felt sense that begins with emptying that which no longer feels good. We are a company that first creates space in order to then be able to take in what feels good to the body. It activates the senses and supports a life where we have less, not more. Organic Erotic perpetuates a cycle of circulation that gives back to those in need.

For now, we only ship within the US. If you are interested in receiving outside the US, you can always send us an email telling us about your desire at hello@organicerotic.us

For all returns, there is a 14-day window. For more details check out our return policy page.

As a company, we believe in circulation where nothing should remain stagnant. In alignment with our principles, the customers who join OE and go through the intake process have access to our full array of products. All items unused and shipped back by our members become available to all on the Organic Erotic website.

An Organic Erotic guide is a trained, professional that takes you through a shopping process reimagined. They work with you individually and are available to you anytime. Your guide will take you through the process of emptying what no longer serves you and feeling good in your body and your surroundings. Through the process of working together, your guide and our product team will curate products based on your desires.

What people are saying

I really thought I was just ready to get rid of everything I didn’t want & there were things that had some real emotional attachment. I would have given up there if I wasn’t inside this process. I appreciated that my Guide was checking in and holding me accountable in the most gentle way

- Quiara

What people are saying

I love the philosophy behind this company the idea of emptying and refilling your space with fewer but more meaningful, quality, intentional objects is wonderful

- Lindsey

What people are saying

My closet is completed and I feel lighter already. It will feel like a sanctuary soon. A safer space to relax and reset. The process works! It just has a different timeline for some

- Angie

What people are saying

It really is strange, but it feels different than going out and buying things or even a subscription box

- Liz

What people are saying

I love that you’re creating this experience for people to feel into their spaces and create a monastery/sacred space for themselves

- Elisabeth

What people are saying

Organic Erotic inspired me to clean out my space and create a place for me. A place I can go and listen to my body and heart. At first I didn’t think I needed to clean out, but after talking to my OE guide, I really wanted to. I donated 6 bags of stuff to Free Food.

- Samantha

On the End Result

You solved some of my storage problems with simplicity and elegance and the mere arrival of these items inspired me to clean, throw out, recycle, and make space for new thoughts and feelings.

- Beth

On Emptying Out

Wonderful! Every time I walk into the room my body relaxes. And I want to take care of it.

- Rose

On Circulation

Life is movement. Circulation carries nutrients through flowing/movement. Fear based habitual patterns of control and accumulation give the illusion of safety. Circulation is Erotic and natural.

- Patrish

On the OE Guide Experience

I felt very comfortable with my guide. The process was explained in a way that I felt held without judgement. It felt like a pleasant adventure that would help me achieve something that I had wanted to do anyway but hadn’t been able to do on my own

- PL

On the OE Experience

I suspect that over time, Organic Erotic will train me to think about and love my interiors more. Taking care of a room, apartment or house is an act of self-love and the older I get, the more I appreciate the small details of life.  I don’t sit around mulling the big events like a wedding day or dream job; I remember the feel of linen sheets on newly shaved legs, the smell of burning sage, and the deep rest I felt in my beautiful home

- Beth