Organic Erotic is a byproduct of a company called OneTaste that created the practice of Orgasmic Meditation. Co-founded by Nicole Daedone in 2004, OneTaste was a place where people went to explore how to make their bodies a pleasurable place to be. From this, a group of people emerged who began to look at life from the felt sense, the inner monastery.Organic Erotic’s mission is to reclaim the feminine essence of the erotic, to make the beautiful associations of the erotic our own again. Life shaped by feminine nature.

We are a members-only, digital resource dedicated to the full expression of feminine desire through artfully designed and produced products.We are redefining ‘the erotic’ on her terms and providing members with everything they need to live a lifestyle that fully accesses, fulfills, and celebrates the whole of desire, including ‘consultation-based shopping’ of products, content, and curated experiences.Our mission with Organic Erotic is to reclaim the feminine essence of the erotic, driven by Her.

The Erotic is learning to follow the body and discovering that it knows precisely what it needs. There is a self-organizing intelligence — this intelligence becomes life.

Organic Erotic believes when it is good in all aspects—stirring to the senses, fit
for its function, elegant in its material choice, and gentle in its manufacture—
we have created the conditions for the erotic to emerge.

It is the distinction of Organic Erotic. The distinction that if you’re only viewing from the world of appearances, may not look so different, but if experienced through the whole of your senses is different by orders of magnitude.

We believe the body’s experience is one of connection with the environment; it feels the environment in its entirety. There is no holier than thou in the body; all is holy. Being with the body is an art, one that is gratifying to practice.

Our bodies crave having our senses stroked with beauty, with scent, with saturation and tactile pleasures, with resonant sounds. Bodies exist in and speak a language of the senses; they awaken and rise for exquisite attention to an atmosphere and environment marked by attunement to nature. This is our aim.