Give the Gift of...Depth

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Candle Scent AWAKEN

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To have depth inn the home is to have gravity, something that pulls you down and in to the space. This is our ballast. This is how we get enough groundedness to be able to begin the journey.

Give the Gift of Depth and give the feeling of sinking in everytime they enter their space.

The Gift of Depth includes:

Old Line Candle 20oz Candle Jar
Hand poured, 100% organic soy candle. This brings warmth to each evening, a reminder of the natural warmth that lives inside of us. Your choice of the below scents.
  • Awaken
  • Black Velvet
  • Sea Salt
Mala Beads
A set of wood prayer beads. Each bead represents a desire and a prayer.

Vintage Indian Picking Basket
This piece brings depth with it's mystery and age.
  • Approximately 8" x 8" x 3"H
  • Made in India